Best Air Jordans XX8 SE Basketball Shoes Reviews

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Air Jordan XX8 Reviews


Air Jordan XX8 Reviews

It has a revolutionary design, overturns the protection and package of the ordinary basketball shoes design concept, through the stabilizer, plenty of bottom in shock and special vamp, create belong to Air Jordan XX8 his own system of basketball shoes.Next, we evaluated the air Jordan xx8 se from color, performance, and shoe details.


1. Color matching of AJxx8 se evaluation

Its overall style and PE is very similar, less shoe flowers.the selected decorated with white/yellow/blue/red camouflage, deserve to go up the black/purple tongue lining and bottom, create exceptions, striking visual effect that grabs an eye, is very fevered sneakers.

Air Jordan XX8 Review

2. Shoe tongue evaluated by AJxx8 se

Its tongue is considered by many air Jordan fans to be a rare top-of-the-line tongue in recent years, not only easy to wear, but also very fashionable and beautiful.


3. AJxx8 se stabilizer

This position stabilizer is a favorite design for many wearers, and it feels safe and secure after actually wearing it.


4. AJxx8 se measuring vamp

The transparent rubber stiffener on the upper part of the shoe is a bit of a Flywire, practical and aesthetically pleasing.And the inside of the shoe head design is very good, the inside of the front palm is specially designed for breakthrough.

Air Jordan XX8 Basketball Shoes


5. follow the test of AJxx8 se

The carbon tray at the heel of the Jordan xx8 se looks tall, powerful, comfortable and protective


6. AJxx8 se measured foot arch into a pallet

The Flight Plate, the most revolutionary design of the combat boots, provides a great experience for the wearer.


7. Zoom Ai of se evaluation

The AJxx8 se has a good grip on the front hand and is free to play on any court.The back of the palm is regular, but the Zoom Air is very awesome and has excellent shock resistance.

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