New Nike Air Jordan 32 Basketball Shoes Review

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Nike Air Jordan XXXII Review


Compared with the AJ31's old-fashioned full-shoulder zoom, the Air Jordan 32 uses a spaced-ahead zoom configuration, and the forefoot zoom uses a larger area of the zoom air cushion that is regarded as the first use. The integrated body of the shoe body adopts a relatively dense but very neat Flyknit system. The whole heel adopts the wrapping design of the AJ2 as the starting point of the design.

Air Jordan XXXII Review

"Excellent grip"

On the 31st generation, although I was most unacceptable for the design, and everyone's general response, 31 the biggest problem lies in the grip. And Adi's a series is known as the "Eraser" at the same time, AJ31 regardless of high and low help was crowned with "skating shoes" nickname. This shortcoming has achieved a big reversal on 32 players. The AJ32 has no problems with its grip. At the very least, it is the performance of the upper-middle level and basically, it is not slippery. Friends who care about this issue can rest assured. Air Jordan 32 low


"Incomparable cushioning"

The elasticity of the cushion in the back of the palm is very general, but the feeling of cushioning is very obvious. No matter how much pressure is exerted on the back of the palm, it still feels completely “non-vibration”. At the same time, when the regular beating, the forefoot is also a percentage of the ground. Hundreds of stampede on the giant zoom air cushion body, feel more special, you will feel that the forefoot touched a reaction is not obvious, shock-absorbing objects. In terms of cushioning, I think the advantage of AJ32 is relatively large, and cushioning has always been an inherent advantage of Nike's brand. I have always emphasized that the sense of comfort and comfort brought by Adi's boost is great, but it is still a lot weaker than the air cushion of Nike at the limit of cushioning. This is awesome on the AJ32. I can even exaggerate that there is basically no Air Jordan32 cushioning performance for Adi. It is a cushioning change. Take cushioning, I think AJ32's cushioning can be the best cushioning shoe of the year with LeBron 14 before LeBron 15 appears

Air Jordan XXXII Review

"Top support"

Previously on the AJ31, it looked as if the flyweave of the forefoot would collapse naturally after wearing, and on the 32, there was no pressure on it. The entire upper was first layered with a layer of stitching. The tight weaving, the neatness of the shoe's neat middle and thin seams, and the use of yarns to connect them to each other between thick and thin sewing, and then using thicker laces to drive the anchors Throughout the body, the entire liner was wrapped up with a dense, yet thin layer of sea. This leads to a full sense of support in the entire forefoot. No matter what kind of movement is made in the area of the forefoot, the foot is very naturally supported by the shoes. In particular, this feeling is natural.


"Excellent stability"

The support performance mentioned before also brought a great experience, that is, the stability of the feet. In the horizontal movement and emergency stop, some displacement of the feet in the shoes is a very common phenomenon. The vast majority of shoes have this problem, so it will lead everyone to blindly think that this situation does not matter. However, in aj32, I think basically this general phenomenon will not appear, and it is a unique performance in my impression. No matter what kind of movements are made, the performance of this pair of shoes is really stable.

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