Newly Bought Kobe 11 Wearing Feeling

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Newly Bought Kobe 11 Wearing Feeling


Kobe 11, who bought home a few days ago, finally got a chance to go to the court today and stretch with me.

In the beginning, I also came with a questioning attitude, but after playing the game, I was deeply interested in Koke 11. These shoes were reduced in many parts, and finally, they were some small surprise.


The appearance of the shoes

Tonight, I wear this pair of Kobe with the color scheme "Achilles Heel". I like the color of the black and red transition of the whole pair of shoes. The asymmetric design of the left and right heels also have different meanings. The four bright red lines symbolizing the four-inch and bruise sutures, and the symbolic logo of the right-footed Achilles make this asymmetry complement each other. The overall feeling of the shoes is simple. It is always like the photographic picture. It is also a good thing to do some subtraction properly.

There's a lot of subtraction in shoes

Actually Kobe 11 is not only on the outward appearance design is subtraction, on our familiar materials, it is also can see, such as less stability of benchmarking - carbon plate, or followed by not a chunk of TPU retainer plate, or even been simplified feeling in the bottom, a piece of rubber outsole directly parcel extends to the instep.


Cushioning and foot sensation

Since Kobe 7, Nike has been experimenting with embedded midsole designs, but Kobe 10 has returned to the traditional mix of the midsole and outsole designs. This time, the built-in Kobe 11 in return at the end of the line, to use the whole piece of lunarlon shock absorbing foam, the ball is similar to a free block cutting hexagon, followed by adopting the single block zoom air shock unit, with my previous Kobe 10, Kobe 9, by contrast, a more flexible thin, also do not break the spring back support foot feeling. With Kobe only use lunarlon, 9 or 10 to join Kobe zoom air is different, a bit thick 11 generation this gave me the feeling is in the bottom thickness trade-off is very suitable, measure is proper, the ball of soft and stick to the right, make I don't have any procrastination in dribbling breakthrough sluggish feeling. Before and after the whole insole height will be a transition from low to high, supported also have the uplift small arch, the ball lunarlon hin softness isappropriate, after zoom air in power support, cushioning feedback has done quite in place.


Shoe technology

Kobe 11 shoe all adopt flyknit 2.0 weaving technology, in the woven upper and integration into the TPU thermoplastic fiber is similar to the line, because there is no the lining cloth, my first impression of this pair of shoe vamp is not so thick I 10 Elite, but in fact the feet and then not like Kobe 8 or 9 Kobe missing some sense of stability and support.TPU "line" fusion using could really quietly into the vamp, makes flyknit knitting technology and a small step forward, really think of this pair of shoes the solid sexual and spiritual activities are also good.


Ankle support protection

Chat finished shoe had to extend to ankle support protection, everyone felt protective difference such as low help shoes, bought since Kobe 4, I've been low support help Kobe series, in addition to Kobe 9 bought high help version, other generations without exception are bought low help version, for me, my feet is not due to low help, this is also I always emphasize a point, so I can always accept the low-top basketball shoes.


The package fits well

When I just on a foot, there is a little doubt, is after 11 generation LACES tight, the last shoe buckle will look out some gaps and tongue edge, as if not fully fit his foot, let a person can't help doubt will response the result is bad, but the game down, basically dismissed this personal doubts. In fact, this shoe package joint was good, but not very good, the low levels of average for shoes.



Finally, for this pair of shoes, I really have a big surprise, to be fair is a good diamond sneaker, so all aspects of advantages and disadvantages of temporarily haven't been able to feel, judge more profound. We can't be specific until we have practiced our shortcomings. Subtraction thinks this shoes in the early years of doing a good job as if the subtraction do you often feel the existence of the shoes, shoes are actually in sports with you together, don't distract you on your feet, I think this is the shoes of the highest praise.
As a fan of Kobe Bryant for nearly 20 years, I think it's a great thing to have a pair of Kobe boots to accompany him through this final season.


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